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Samsara is Nirvana. Chaos is Ma’at.

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Race is more important than socio-economic status in predicting the location of the nation’s commercial hazardous waste facilities.

Robert Bullard (2007)

- On the prevalence of an ‘environmental racism’ in the United States.

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For those who continue to leave nonsensical messages claiming that I hate white people, here you go. My need to even explain myself is telling and relates to the last tweet.

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cuz white people design apocalyptic wastelands in movies after their own occupation and genocides.



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David Marinos - Spine

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A really nifty book I just picked up today, it’s set up like a textbook detailing the fictional biography of a scientist who dissected and studied various mythological and religious creatures before abruptly vanishing from society in the early 1900’s, the book being mostly composed of Grey’s Anatomy style plates detailing the creatures’ internal anatomy from several different angles.

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